Perhaps you have a rare Fortnite skin, and you don’t even know it. These skins have been gone for over 600 days

There are a lot of cosmetic items in Fortnite, most of them return to the store fairly regularly, others become truly unique.

Some skins just don’t come back to the store. There is no specific reason for this. It’s just that at some point the skin “disappears” and is unavailable for a year or two, for no reason at all. There are more and more skins that have been gone for more than 600 days.

Some players probably do not know at all that they have skins that were originally released, for example, in 2019. The rarest skin of all time to still appear in the store is Havicat – it’s been gone for over 936 days.

Skins that are gone for more than 600 days

The list of skins that have been gone for over 600 days is as follows:

To this, you should add the skin “Deep Sea Dominator”, which for some reason is not here, but it is also impossible to buy for 752 days. Does having any of these items increase your account prestige and value?

Yes and no, these skins can come back at any time, and there is nothing incredibly interesting among them – maybe that’s why they don’t come back.