Nuclear missiles in the final stage of the “event building” in Fortnite. The island is in danger of an explosion

If anyone had any doubts as to the destruction of at least part of the map, the last stage of the fort’s construction perfectly shows that something is up.

We heard about nuclear missiles for the first time in Season 7. It seems that Epic did not finally use them. Now that may change. Players point out that “it is all connected,” but it is difficult to find any concrete evidence of this.

The last stage of the fort

In fact, this morning, the last stage of the construction of the event fort has appeared in the game. It quickly turned out that it was there that the huge missiles were contained. If you have trouble seeing them, they are at the very top.

It seems that they can be used, but so far it is completely unknown how. Epic likes to destroy the island, so probably this time it will also be destroyed to some extent.

It is uncertain whether there will be an explosion or it has to do with some weapons of the Queen. We will find out on December 4.