In Fortnite you will be able to test your luck. A new draw feature will come to the game

Leakers inform that Fortnite will enter new machines with weapons and items, containing an element of randomness.

According to leakers, Epic is currently testing something called the “Lottery Vending Machine”. There is no information on a possible launch date yet, but it is probably a matter of a few weeks.

The lottery is where you can drop a random item with a random rarity from the slot machines. You will be able to test your luck with this. The second version of the leaks speaks of a specific item, but a random rarity.

Test your luck

Each player will be able to take advantage of a new option that will allow them to receive an item with a random rarity. In theory, these are ordinary automatons, in practice they gained a function that they did not have before.

The rest is more or less what players are used to. Of course, provided that Epic doesn’t come up with anything new at the time of testing.

It can surely be something interesting and the new feature will diversify the game a little.