How to get all Jinx items in Fortnite for free? You have to hunt for codes

Jinx from League of Legends appeared in Fortnite, many people got all her cosmetics for free.

Yesterday evening, Epic started promoting Jinx through influencers. As a standard, popular creators received a gift from the developers in the form of all Jinx cosmetic items for free.

Can you also get Jinx without paying for it? Yes, you have to hunt for special codes.

Codes for items

Many influencers are giving away codes for free items from the Jinx set at the moment. Unfortunately, they have a limited number of uses, most often it is 5,000. It just means that you have to really try to get one.

Where do these codes appear? Mainly on Twitter and Twitch. Yesterday Ninja was handing out codes with 5 million uses. In addition to these codes, Jinx has other one for graffiti. Many people confuse them:

So in summary, you can get Jinx from League of Legends for free. However, it requires a lot of effort and quick entry of codes. Nobody says when they will be giving something away, so it’s just a lottery. You can use the codes on the official website.