Fortnite’s most popular leaker on what Epic should primarily change and address

Suggestions for what Epic should change in Fortnite are plentiful. Most people simply focus on new items.

Although Epic itself is making fun of all the voices regarding the dead game, there is no doubt that the developers need to change something when it comes to gameplay. The new season is the perfect opportunity to do so.

HYPEX, the world’s most popular leaker, has himself hinted to Epic what the developers could change about Fortnite and what the developers really need to address in terms of gameplay.

What is the most important thing?

HYPEX believes that by far the most important part of Fortnite is the weapons and all the issues related to them. Epic reportedly should shake up the item pool in such a way that mythical items are actually unique.

It also wouldn’t hurt to add different mechanics to weapons, focusing on gadgets and accessories, because without them, people will continue to simply use a shotgun and an assault rifle.

Will Epic listen? Certainly, HYPEX is being watched by developers, but those developers have been testing Season 4 of Chapter 3 for a long time. No one a few days before the release will conclude after a single Twitter post that something new would actually be useful.