Fortnite x Discord. Leakers found information about the upcoming collaboration with the communicator

There are a lot of these collaborations, players are beginning to wonder if it is not too much.

Today we mentioned a few collaborations that may appear in Fortnite Chapter 3. Only a few hours later, leakers announced that the files contained references to Discord, a popular communication program.

Special cosmetic items can be added to Fortnite, the collection of which will only be possible for people who have the program installed. However, don’t expect it to be anything like Twitch Prime.

Fortnite x Discord

So far, there is no question of skins here, although they may appear one day. So far, leakers have found two sprays that they believe are being prepared in collaboration with Discord. This should be treated more as an announcement of a possible collaboration, not as an end result.

  • T-Emote-Icons-Season18-S18-ItalianDiscord.uasset
  • T-Sprays-Season18-S18-ItalianDA.uasset

Even though Pizza and Scooter don’t seem like the best bonuses, it’s still a fun initiative. Discord does have enormous potential and it is doubtful that it will end there. In the past, there were a ton of different skin concepts and other cosmetic items that Epic could add:

Who knows, maybe one day this idea will be used, nowadays it’s hard to say anything about it, except that there are references to Discord in Fortnite files.