Fortnite Winterfest 2021 – List of challenges, presentation of rewards – skins, Matrix gliders and more

The Fortnite Winter Festival begins literally in a moment. For this reason, Epic has already decoded all elements of the event.

The most interesting surprise is definitely the glider from the Matrix. Of course, we have been informing about this cooperation for many weeks, but still few expected that the free glider from Christmas gifts will be from the Matrix.

This is exactly the bag you see in the center of the screen. It is worth mentioning here that the event is not yet available – it will probably start today, but only in a few hours.

Challenges and rewards

The only puzzling thing is that there is no banana skin among all the gifts. It is, however, fairly simple to explain. At the moment, it is frozen, according to leakers, it will only be available for collection when it is defrosted.


Below are all cosmetic accessories:

The Matrix will almost certainly receive additional items since the glider is part of an unannounced set. Challenges are also available.

When is the start? Probably today, but leakers are giving different times.