Epic quietly got rid of one of the important Fortnite elements? Nothing new has come out in a long time

Over the past few years, Epic has been developing some things very much and forgetting others.

Epic certainly calculated which things were worth investing in and which ones were better just left. Although many people complain about the creative mode, it has been very much developed and even more promoted.

As a result, the multitude of different types of maps meant that Epic practically completely stopped working on temporary, official game modes. The community recalls that this was a really interesting part of Fortnite.

Should Epic go back to that?

As the Reddit user “Snad___” notes, Epic has not been releasing “LTM”, or temporary game modes, for some time now. And according to him, it was one of the reasons why it launched Fortnite in general.

The topic even caught on well and people actually started debating. Some people write that even if Epic released a new model, players probably would not notice it at all – all because of the chaos that currently prevails in Fortnite.

Indeed, Epic has stopped creating its modes, the only question is whether it was really an important element of the game. Certainly, at the beginning of the game, yes – a lot of people asked for 50vs50, etc. Today it is difficult to make sense of it.