Epic didn’t anticipate that Fortnite players would get such high levels. The result?

Fortnite players could have gotten level 1,000 in this season some time ago, but they decided to slow down a bit.

Every season a few, usually the same people reach the thousandth level. This time the process of leveling has been stopped in a way. The idea here is that this 1000 level is the absolute maximum that can be gained. After that, the counter simply stops.

Hence, players who wanted to get a new special style from the challenges had to wait until they appeared. To pick up a style, after all, you need to acquire 10 levels, and it’s difficult to do this with the maximum level.

Yes, people already have level 1000

A few hours ago, LootStation boasted that he already has a new style and can return to grind. Knowing him, he’s already gone from that 972 level to 1,000.

That is, the current season can be considered fulfilled in this regard. And in the end, it has been a really short time:

There are still about 2 months to go. And here people have already gotten the maximum level. As you can see, it is possible to do it really quickly and efficiently, without using the most serious exploits.