Daily bugs for unlimited XP in Fortnite make levels irrelevant

The levels in Fortnite genuinely stop impressing anyone, and all because of bugs and glitches.

Currently, there are some smaller and larger ways to get additional experience points practically every day. Everything is based primarily on the creative mode, which allows you to get XP in absurd amounts.

This can be seen, for example, by the latest bug, which actually gives you unlimited XP – you can repeat one activity all day and thus have the 100th level in a few hours, if not faster.

Levels are no longer impressive

Back in the day, when an XP bug appeared, practically everyone would try to use it right away. Today there is so much of it that it would be difficult to take advantage of everything. For example, there is a bug for unlimited XP that has not been fixed for two days.

All you need to do is enter the creative mode, enter the codes of two maps and enter one of them.

  • Second map: 9387-1654-4858? V = 49
  • First map: 1248-2909-6151

You go to the second map, go to the “rift”, go forward and watch the level rise on your account.


Epic did not take any consequences from this, and all reports of bans so far turned out to be either false or “twisted” – people were getting banned for other offenses but insisted that it was for XP bug.