Challenges with free items now in Fortnite. You can obtain a pickaxe, a backpack and a wrap

We have already learned the details of the summer event, or at least part of it.

Go to the Island Hopper row in-game and jump from hunting players disguised as props in Prop Hunt: Modern Mall XP+ to racing to the correct tile in Color Dash and more. Complete the Summer Island Hopper Quests to earn XP towards Summer Island Hopper Milestones. When you complete a Milestone, you’ll earn a summer-y reward! The Quests and Milestones are available from now until July 6, 2022, at 10 AM ET.


Here’s a look at the rewards you’ll unlock when you hit each Summer Island Hopper Milestone:

  • Complete Six Island Hopper Quests: Macaw Darkwings Back Bling
  • Complete Six Island Hopper Quests to also receive: Tropic’s Beak Pickaxe
  • Complete Three Island Hopper Quests: Tropical Infrared Wrap and Ravage Spray
  • Complete One Island Hopper Quest to earn the Raven Spray and GG Emoticon!

Fortnite Island Hopper


Read below to learn more about each Island’s Quest and to get a preview of the Island and the Island creator! All the Quests can be tracked in the Quests page under Island Hopper. Act fast, these Quests will be hopping out on July 6 at 10 AM ET.

  • Collect 3000 Resources in One Trigger by Horamubi.

Survival – in the sky. Survive for 100 days and defeat the boss for ultimate bragging rights.

1 aktywator autorstwa Horamubi na wyspie Fortnite

  • Unlock 3 achievements in Parkour Universe by WertAndrew.

Run, slide, and jump your way through the different worlds in this Parkour Universe.

Uniwersum parkouru autorstwa WertAndrew na wyspie Fortnite

  • Use 8 Vending Machines in Blimp Wars by The Bonnie Kiwi.

Battle on moving Blimps against players and guards! Blimp Wars can be played in 12v12 battles or solo!

Wojny sterowców autorstwa The Bonnie Kiwi na wyspie Fortnite

  • Unlock 4 achievements in Color Dash by Mr Monkey.

Drive to survive! Identify and get to the target color tile before the timer is up! Don’t make it in time and face elimination. Levels get increasingly harder for the ultimate challenge.

Kolorowy zryw autorstwa Mr Monkey na wyspie Fortnite

  • Collect 50 coins or Get 5 melee eliminations in Ultimate Murder Mystery by BrendanD.

A game of mystery and detection. Players are assigned the role of either Hunter, Sheriff, or Innocent. Innocents must last long enough for the Sheriff to figure out who the Hunter is and eliminate them before the Hunter eliminates everyone!

Ostateczna tajemnica morderstwa autorstwa BrendanD na wyspie Fortnite

Hunt or be hunted! Set in a chaotic mall, Hunters must find the players disguised as props through the use of the various items in the loadout or hide from the Hunters as a prop.

Chowany-przebierany: Centrum handlowe autorstwa Regirom na wyspie Fortnite

Get vibin’ this summer in style! Want more summer vibes? No sweat, more summer is coming. Stay tuned for more.