An Epic employee told that there will be no season 9? The support department writes that chapter 3 will start

So far it has been strong, but only a theory. The support department probably spilled the beans.

You probably remember that in previous seasons it was said that Epic, instead of the next season, will just start a new chapter. In the end, nothing like that happened, so this time everyone was and still is very skeptical.

If you look at Youtube, a lot of people are currently recording videos that instead of season 9 there will be chapter 3.

It makes sense now

Until now, these were only theories based on guesswork, non-obvious confirmations from the plot, and hints from leaks. Now, however, there has been a breakthrough. The support department told one player that the new chapter will start on December 5.

(…) the current chapter is here until December 5, 2021 (…)

And now the question. Whether an Epic employee made a mistake, or maybe he accidentally revealed something he shouldn’t, and will wake up without a job tomorrow. There is also an option that the screen has been crafted in some way.

In any case, this still cannot be taken as a 100% confirmation of the arrival of chapter 3 already in December. However, this is the strongest evidence of this that has emerged so far.