All that is known about the end of Chapter 3 in Fortnite and the special event game mode

One leaker summed up in simple terms what is known about the end of the season.

Quite a bit is already known about the upcoming event. The most important information remains that of the 40-minute duration and the special mini-game to be made available during the event. It is very promising, at least on paper.

Of course, be aware that this is not official information from Epic, only leaks, and may be inaccurate or contain misrepresentations.

What will happen?

One of the leakers, TweaBR, has divided everything into two parts. The first talks about the event itself, the second about the mini-game that will be made available. There is a list of all items and features. At the event itself, you can expect:

  • Teleportation via zero point.
  • It will be possible to enter the zero point.
  • All players will get a low gravity effect.
  • Epic will use the Black Hole (event) themes.

There is more minor information, but it has been provided before. Regarding the mini-game to be made available:

The most interesting thing is that the whole event will last 40 minutes. Unfortunately, it is completely unknown what it will look like.