A reset of three free Fortnite item returns. Everything that is currently known

Leakers report that there is a new feature in the files related to returns. What is known about it?

At the moment, some information is still unconfirmed. It is not known whether it will be possible to request a reset of returns today or in some time. The mechanics are very simple, each player gets the opportunity to return three purchased items each year.


If you want to return an item purchased for V-Bucks, you have 3 return requests. After using any of them, the request will renew 365 days after the last renewed request (up to a maximum of 3 refund requests). Only items purchased with V-Bucks in the last 30 days can be returned. Single-use items such as the Battle Pass, Battle Pass levels, or Llama cannot be refunded.

Refund requests are to be reset every 365 days from the last request. There is a catch though – this still applies to items bought up to 30 days.

What is known about this?

It will work quite simply. You use the refund and from then on it will reset every 365 days. At least that’s what we know from the information provided by people searching through the game’s files.

Unfortunately, this still only applies to items purchased up to 30 days in advance. So it is impossible to return something you bought a year ago.

In practice, it comes down to players having one return each year. And this is positive information. The only bad thing is that the 30-day limit still applies.