A new trailer for Fortnite Chapter 3 has leaked. Leakers confirm it’s real

A trailer for chapter 3 appeared on the web, which, according to leaks, was to be released at a later time.

This is one of those pieces of information that contains spoilers. This is a short teaser trailer that might point some way to what to expect in Chapter 3. If you don’t like spoilers then we advise you not to watch.

Before showing the trailer, it is worth considering its truthfulness. Leakers confirm that the account where it was posted has a trusted history and even the most popular leakers have used the videos added there.

However, it is still not 100% confirmed that what was leaked is the latest trailer straight from the developers. It is unclear how this leaked out.

Leaked trailer for chapter 3

Everyone has to interpret this trailer in their own way. Originally, it was supposed to be an advertisement on social media as something to encourage players to check chapter 3.


The trailer will likely appear on official accounts in a while, potentially in a few hours.