A new fast-building technique in Fortnite that more and more people are using

Fortnite players are increasingly using a very specific building tactic. This may not be the best way, but definitely, something that players are starting to see its advantages.

There aren’t many ways to build in Fortnite, so when something new appears, everyone knows about it. In this case, it’s a technique that may have been popular somewhere, but it has never gone beyond the closed circle.

Now, mainly due to the Reddit user with the nickname “IamAminos”, much more people know about it, and clips using this technique have been becoming more and more popular for several hours. Everything will probably move to TikTok soon.

Unusual way of building

How can you build in a slightly different style? Well, it is possible. Just take a look at the source material:


Will this be something Epic decides to remove in a while? It all depends on the creativity of the players and how they will use it. In theory, such a technique is not OP, because it is only useful in specific situations. On the other hand, it is not difficult to find a good use of it.