A much-loved item will indeed return to Fortnite tomorrow. Epic revealed it too early

A new content update will take place today in Fortnite, which, among other things, will bring back one of the liked items.

There will be a content update today. Not much may be known about it, but there is one very important piece of information regarding the item pool. Epic betrayed itself because someone updated the news tab too early.

This was only seen in the Spanish version of the game, while it is also reported by the most trusted Fortnite leakers, so there is little doubt.

Slurp returns to Fortnite

Everyone is writing that the slurp is returning to Fortnite. It’s a really well-liked item that has been in the vault for a long time.

Its return is not officially announced, while if leakers are to be believed, it will appear on the afternoon of February 7, 2023.