A free skin for all Fortnite players. What exactly do you need to do to get it?

News has been confirmed that Epic will want to celebrate Halloween in some way by giving players a free skin.

It was one of those leaks that no one believed. And yet, the leakers report that completing all the challenges in the Fortnitemares event, which launches today, will entail receiving a free skin.

At the same time, this is not the only reward. At the moment the information is somewhat contradictory, so we have to wait for official confirmation.

Some leakers report that it is enough to complete Halloween challenges.

While others are talking about special, separate challenges. These will already be more difficult.

What needs to be done?

If the information is confirmed, it will take a while to unlock this skin. To do so, you reportedly need to get 50 accounts levels.

Yes, the enthusiasm of many people has just subsided. For 10 levels you get a backpack, for 25 you get a loading screen, and for 50 you get a skin.