EA bans 30,000 FIFA 22 players for abusing the FUT Champions glitch to avoid defeat

FIFA 22 developers decided to punish players for using a bug in FUT Champions.

The FIFA 22 community only needed 2 weeks after the game was released to find any bug in FUT Champions. One of them allowed avoiding defeats and thanks to a certain TikTok it quickly became really popular among players who started to use it repeatedly. Electronic Arts decided to curb this behavior and ultimately punish users who played dishonestly by using this method.

What is the bug, and what was the penalty for using it?

Below you can watch TikTok by the “skillzapex” user who was one of the reasons this bug was abused among the FIFA 22 community. It quickly became very popular. The whole error was that the player, upon entering the PlayStation menu, was kicked out after 30 seconds. Thanks to this, it did not add a note to the defeat column.


The developers fixed this issue on October 16, exactly two days after the above TikTok peaked in popularity. Moreover, EA decided to punish players who used this bug. Therefore, 30,000 users will be suspended for 7 days. As a result, they won’t be able to participate in FUT Champions this weekend, although it’s still a mild punishment. Game authorities could punish such players with a permanent ban or take away rewards.

Developers are asking players to “stay honest”. Probably in the next situations of this type in the future, EA will not be so forgiving and will use more severe penalties.