This is what it looks like to beat the world record in Fall Guys. You have not seen such a fast run of a level

A record in Fall Guys that will be virtually impossible to break.

Fall Guys is a production that is well past its glory days. However, when the game received a Free2Play version, it managed to revive. Now one of the records has been broken, with a professional player passing a map in 22 seconds.

All flawlessly and without the slightest stumble. Getting a second such time may not be feasible. For this reason, it is worth seeing.

A few jumps and it’s over

It may seem that a game with candy-colored graphics and relying on passing maps dreamed up by fans of various TV shows like Ninja Run is easy. However, skill is indeed needed for Full Guys. Especially when other players and fickle machines, whose only task is to push the player off the map, get in the way.

A professional player of this title with the nickname sxyd has dealt with this problem brilliantly. On social media, he boasted about his time to pass the map which is just over 22 seconds. Here is what the run looked like:


Exactly 22 seconds and 33 milliseconds. That’s how long it took sxyd to pass the entire map without a single mistake. Probably players seeing the first qualifier thought he was a cheater.