Twitch streamer so attracts viewers by ” correcting her chair”. This is S1mple’s ex-girlfriend

One streamer, whom people may know as the ex-girlfriend of a popular CS:GO player, is trying to gain viewers.

There are many ways to get viewers interested. Here, clearly, the streamer was going for a popular clip, and it worked. Many people may know her well, as she is the former girlfriend of a CS: GO star, specifically S1mple.

The video only began to gain momentum after a few days. At that point, it had already topped 130,000 views. In general, this broadcast was strange, clearly the idea there was to gain a new audience.

Meanwhile, former S1mple’s girlfriend…

The stream was not so standard, because it started with yoga. And yoga on Twitch is associated with only one thing.


There was also the comparison of one’s ” assets,” which in itself is quite risky.


On the other hand, the icing on the cake was “correcting oneself on a chair”. This clip is still available, but this will probably change in a while. Seemingly it is in accordance with the rules, but everyone knows that it was not done accidentally.


“S1mple is no longer adding coverage, so another way has appeared.” – say the comments on the Internet, of which there are quite a few. Only over time did people realize that it was the ex-girlfriend of a well-known CS player.