Alinity, a Twitch streamer with 1.5 million followers was banned for this overly “suggestive” dance

Alinity, a very popular Twitch streamer, has been ban

Alinity is one of the really popular Twitch streamers. She is watched by more than 1.5 million people, so her audience is quite large. Alinity is known for her pool broadcasts, but also for more than that. This time Twitch found her dancing too suggestive.

The reason for the ban is very simple to determine, the clip gained incredible popularity. After 5 days, Twitch decided that this was enough.

Swimming in the pool is cool, but tw**king is no more

People pay attention to the abstract reason for this ban. Alinity, however, has a lot of people not liking her.


Twitch has once again shown that it is not necessarily suitable for streaming there. At this point on the platform, you have to be incredibly careful, and the rules are sometimes simply absurd. Was the dance suggestive enough to get the streamer banned as a result? Not likely, but it just happened.

The explanation is that this kind of content deters people who want to advertise, but c’mon – the service has a whole category that is all about encouraging people with their appearance to enter.