Twitch streamer still doesn’t wear anything under short blouses. Record holder for slip-ups

Several bans have not discouraged this streamer, who probably holds the record when it comes to slip-ups of various kinds.

There are really a lot of girls on the Twitch scene who sometimes score slip-ups. Whether on purpose or accidentally, they show more than is allowed. This female streamer is a rarity.

In the space of a few months, she has scored about 20 slip-ups. Here there is no question of coincidence, as she purposely wears short shirts with nothing under them. Bans do not bother her and yes, every now and then there are more slip-ups.

Record holder for slip-ups

The streamer is the unofficial record holder of slip-ups by showing “too much”. On practically every IRL stream you can see a bigger or smaller slip-up with her.


Sometimes it’s while putting laundry in the washing machine, sometimes while brushing teeth. All in all, the clips show 20+ slip-ups that involve exactly the same thing. It’s strange that the streamer can still function normally on the platform, but her collection of “slip-ups” is currently the biggest one on TTV.


There are so many that individually there is no point in showing. Full link – click.

How does she avoid a permanent ban? She’s simply too small a streamer for Twitch to particularly care. Removing VODs is enough here, as few viewers even bother to report the channel.

The streams are held practically every day, but the number of viewers indicates that this is not necessarily developing. So the slip-ups, in this case, are just a curiosity. Since January, the girl has accumulated 2.2 thousand followers.