A sad sight when a Twitch streamer has talent but needs to attract viewers with something else

People on Twitch don’t necessarily come there to watch women with talent, as this example clearly shows.

Being a streamer requires some compromises. Especially when you are one of many. And so even with talent, it’s hard to break through to those larger reaches. Many girls get their small community of around 100-500 viewers and never break through.

Well, unless a body-related method appears. Such is the case here. The streamer has talent, thanks to which she has gathered a small audience. However, she decided to expand it, and interestingly enough, it wasn’t difficult.

When hardly anyone wants to listen to the singing

This particular streamer had a problem. Namely, hardly anyone wanted to listen to her sing. Even her very pretty voice didn’t help. Shared broadcasts did not translate into results.


So the solution came, in theory, the simplest, but in practice, not so good. The streamer simply dressed in something more eye-catching assumed certain positions and wove singing into her streams.


Changing outfits for subscriptions, writing nicknames on the board, well – it went fast. Gathering an audience in this way turned out to be simpler than standard singing. You can get pissed that this is the way things are these days, but this is the world we live in.