Twitch pool streamer’s mishap, who demonstrated “breaking the rules” in surprising way

Korean streamers can be associated mainly with one thing. And in fact, this time it’s also about what you’re thinking of.

This mishap is quite funny. The streamers were doing a classic stream from the pool and nothing interesting was happening there. Until one of the girls decided not to close the “window”, which showed not only the rear part of the body of one of the streamers but also a violation of Twitch rules.

If it hadn’t been for that, probably no one would have noticed. And yes, the streamer and the channel will probably be banned. The punishment won’t be any severe, as the classic 24 hours without streaming should be expected here.

Quite an original mishap

Closing the window showed “too much,” exposing the rear part of the body of one of the streamers. However, this is not a reason why the channel can be banned.


Did you notice something interesting? In theory, it is a pool stream, while in the room there is no pool. In front of the streamers there is basically a wall. There is no water at all, so walking around in such an outfit is a violation of the rules.

Previously, no one paid attention to it, but now it has gone viral, including Reddit. The ban is coming.