Twitch streamer banned for not wearing underwear on broadcast. This is her 6th similar ban

This streamer is clearly approaching the record when it comes to the number of bans.

In theory, 3 bans for the same offense result in a permanent ban. In this case, however, that doesn’t work for some unexplained reason. Mira, a Twitch streamer, already had 5 bans for nu**ty.

Now Twitch has suspended her for the 6th time, possibly the last, although everyone expects a quick unban after 24 hours. The ban is for a specific reason, the streamer didn’t wear underwear for the broadcast, and on this occasion, she decided that a dress revealing “a lot” was a perfect choice.

6 total bans

There is a potential for a record here, maybe not in perma, but in overall bans.

What’s the ban for? The audience spotted that the streamer was not wearing panties. So it was a matter of time until she turned enough for the audience to see.

Twitch removed all the clips, so there is only this one shot – CLICK, but don’t expect to see anything exceptional there.

The streamer is known for moving viewers from Twitch to OF, so this is unlikely to come as any great surprise.