Amouranth activates her “personality” on xQc’s stream. Everyone knew what it was about

Amouranth is starting to appear with other streamers, where she does not naturally appear in swimwear.

Amouranth, or chief pool streamer, was recently on xQc’s stream. Felix pointed out that her overall vibe and aura is different from what it was last time. A month ago it looked like this:

This time the streamer came in a jacket, which left the chat basically unaware of what was going on. They were prepared for something else, however.

Everything is back to normal

It didn’t take long at all for everything to return to normal. xQc himself mentioned that the streamer’s aura was somehow different, something had changed. Amouranth responded to this in the only way she knew:

By the end of the stream, it was like everyone expected:

In the end, it came out quite funny, and many better and worse clips were made from this particular stream.