AI on Twitch provided the secret ingredient for Spongebob Krabby Patties. It came out wrong

Artificial intelligence creates entire series on Twitch, including Spongebob episodes. There’s just one small problem.

This is another such project that involves letting artificial intelligence loose. This time it’s about Spongebob’s world, which is getting completely new episodes. Some episodes are quite interesting, while others are nightmarish.

In all of this, the most popular clip is about the reveal of the secret ingredient of Krabby Patties. There is one problem with this, AI has provided something here that is completely unsuitable for younger people.

AI with a secret ingredient

It’s easy to say why artificial intelligence is banned on Twitch. It often ventures in directions it simply shouldn’t. And so it was in one of the episodes generated by artificial intelligence that the name of a secret ingredient was mentioned.

Well, due to the rather unique nature of the ingredient, it is gaining popularity.

AI on Twitch does not have it easy. It often brings up topics unsuitable for TTV, as a result of which channels created by artificial intelligence sooner or later face a ban.