Pool girls drank a little too much and got carried away. The stream ended with the expected mishap

Why are many really popular streamers switching to Kick? It’s a simple answer. You don’t have to worry too much about the rules there.

Heelmike is a streamer with more than 7.4 million followers. He has invited female streamers to join him and sometimes they broadcast on Twitch and sometimes on Kick.

Twitch is what it is, however, there are some limits there. On Kick, on the other hand, it seems that you can do a lot more. Naturally, the platform cuts itself off from typical adult content, but Twitch has led to pool streams being considered normal.

The effect of this is that pool girls are moving from Twitch to Kick, and all in all, this is very good news for Amazon’s platform.


A mishap during the stream

The streamers got a little carried away, probably from the amount of liquor consumed, and started fighting with each other. These pushes were preceded by this kind of thing:


Until it climaxed and at the same time ended the broadcast. Kick is not banning for this, but apparently, the streamers (it happened on a Twitch streamer’s channel with more than 7 million followers) prefer to prevent whatever might happen.

The link – CLICK. No, the stream was not banned.