Twitch is changing the rules to help women because of this. And men are asking what about them

Twitch has just changed its terms of service that address the topic of “deepfakes”. This refers to an incident that took place on the platform some time ago.

In January of this year, one of the popular streamers was caught watching redesigned videos starring Pokimane. It was about adult material that was simply deepfakes, that is, substituted heads for another body.

Twitch reacted strongly to this, although there is no shortage of comments that this is purely a PR move. After all, this type of content has always been banned. So nothing much has changed.

Twitch’s rules change

Twitch has announced that it is officially banning this type of content on the platform, and publishing and sharing it will be severely punished. A communiqué was issued, which itself mentions the protection of women.

There is no shortage of responses in the comments indicating that the new regulations should protect all streamers, not just women. In reality, of course, this is the case, although it is strange that Twitch’s Twitter feed only mentions the female side of the scene.