The adult film actress destroyed Twitch with this answer. Why isn’t she worried about…

Adriana Chechik, an adult film actress and streamer at the same time, answered a very frequently asked question for her viewers.

Adriana Chechik is rather associated with videos, although she also streams a lot. Most will probably know her not so much with film production, but with her broken back a few months ago. Anyway, Adriana decided to make a joke of herself by answering one of the questions.

The question was strictly about children, more specifically whether Adriana was worried about whether her children would someday see her films and learn about the whole business in general. Well, the answer may have surprised many.

What is Chechik’s response to this?

The actress’s answer strongly surprised viewers, but one can understand that the streamer was fed up with such questions.


People were unlikely to expect it, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of views of this one clip on TikTok.