The oil streamer meta has gotten out of hand for Twitch. The best explanation

Twitch streamers can be accused of many things, but certainly not a lack of creativity in attracting attention.

Sometimes Twitch’s terms of service include things that, in theory, are completely crazy. The platform bans all sorts of things, but as you can see, it’s hardly surprising. Imagine a point in the regulations of Youtube, which prohibits putting oil on one’s brea*ts – abstraction.

And it looks like Twitch is going to have to think about this because streamers are starting to overdo it. Also beautiful is their explanation of overly s*xified outfits. “It’s cosplay, after all,” and the matter is settled. Cosplay, even suggestive cosplay, is, after all, allowed, and in this way it is completely in accordance with the rules.

Oil meta on Twitch

The whole trick is very simple. Some streamers do it in a fairly subtle way to better “shine” on the thumbnail, while there are some who completely don’t bother, put on cosplay, oil and that’s the effect:

Ban? There are no grounds for that. Such cleavage in theory is allowed, cosplay is also allowed, and oil – well, there is nothing about it in the regulations.

Twitch has partly brought this upon itself by not cutting such things short early on. The result of this is that a large number of streamers simply use this and ignore any negative comments, often having a very strong filter on their channel of what can and cannot be posted in general.