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The streamer hit her knee. But it’s Russian Twitch, so it couldn’t have ended normally

What do you do when you lightly bump your knee while changing position at the computer?

Russian Twitch has its own rules. Streamers often and willingly refer directly or indirectly to topics for adults or emit quite characteristic sounds at the first possible occasion.

This is why one of the relatively popular streamers decided to take advantage of this situation when she hit her knee. The clip, which is only two days old, has already gained over 100,000 views.

Knee pain

What’s so interesting in this clip? You can see that the streamer did not hit herself particularly hard, but her reaction makes it difficult not to interpret it as a desire to gain popularity, which she managed to achieve.


Twitch is to change its policy on such behavior in 2022, but it is difficult to say whether such things will break ToS in the future. After all, it might just be a reaction to knee pain – a bit too long and too vocal, but still.