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Korean Twitch streamers continue to surprise, combining the pool and animal categories

Twitch recently launched a special category for animals. Korean streamers realized that the best solution would be to combine the pool with pets.

Lots of Twitch trends started in Korea. Dancing in front of the camera in skimpy costumes, bathing, pool parties, or streams of sitting and talking to people, while showing off in more and more provocative clothes.

This time, the streamers came up with the idea to combine streams from the pool with those with animals.

Pool streams, but…

Of course, it’s hard to say that this is some new meta. The puppies look quite content, so they don’t seem to be in danger. Clips from this stream have been reported anyway.


Such streams definitely “deliver”. Previous broadcasts of this particular streamer dancing were watched by 100-200 people. Bringing in the animals took that number to over 900.

Naturally, Twitch will have to decide if using animals in this way is legal. If so, you can expect more streams like this.