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The most surprising conflict on Twitch. OBS argued with StreamLabs because of a name

It would seem that the OBS has good relations with StreamLabs, yet there is a serious dispute between the two entities.

Anyone who is at least a bit familiar with the world of Twitch and streaming in general perfectly knows the OBS program, which is still used by a lot of people. The same is the case with StreamLabs. Many people still remember that these two entities work together.

Interestingly, however, in this theoretically arranged world, there was an argument that appeared from using a very specific and perhaps even misleading name by StreamLabs.

StreamLabs and OBS

It’s all about using the name “StreamLabs OBS” or “SLOBS” for short, which the OBS developers say is misleading.

StreamLabs reportedly asked OBS about the possibility of using this name and despite receiving a negative answer, it was decided to use the very recognizable abbreviation “OBS”.

People here are more on the side of OBS, which has gained enormous support from people. Especially that the program is not associated with commercialization and the attitude adopted by StreamLabs. The case is certainly interesting because it is about two giants providing solutions for streamers.