The oldest video on Youtube has just changed its description due to recent decisions

“Me at the zoo”, the oldest video ever published on Youtube, has just changed its description.

Virtually everyone knows the video entitled “Me at the zoo”. It was published exactly on April 24, 2005, and has over 200 million views. This is the only video that appeared on this channel, but apparently, it was enough to collect over 2.4 million subscriptions.

Now the channel owner has decided to change its description. This is directly related to the changes to the platform, more specifically the removal of the dislike counter.

A new description of the oldest video on Youtube

Of course, it won’t matter much when it comes to YouTube itself and the decisions made by people managing the platform. However, you can see that removing dislike count is not liked by everyone. Even those who published on YT a good 16 years ago.

The said removal was met with a lot of criticism and is hardly surprising. This is a move that will positively affect YouTubers, but it will actually completely deprive you of the sense of using the dislike button.