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Korean Twitch streamers definitely did not expect to be spanked in the restaurant

America is quite an original place, as the two streamers found out.

There are many restaurants in America with strange habits. This time, two Korean streamers went to the place where they were spanked on their buttocks for some reason. However, there is no greater context here, because the VOD and the original clip itself have been removed.

It is probably a kind of penalty that is given in the event that a person does not fully eat the ordered food.

Spanking in the restaurant

It’s hard to say what happened here, but the clip quickly gained fame. It is quite unusual, and Twitch viewers like such situations.


However, since there is no context, it is difficult to say anything more about it. It was definitely a painful experience, because one of the streamers later wrote on her social media that it was definitely not worth it.