Twitch is updating monthly recurring subscriptions on iOS devices and withdrawing sub tokens

IOS device users will be able to subscribe to Twitch channels continuously.

Probably everyone knows that viewers can support their favorite creators not only with donations but also with a subscription that is renewed every month and offers many benefits. In addition to the emotes of a given channel, we can watch it without advertising and we get a unique badge in the chat, the appearance of which depends on the period one has subscribed to the channel.

So far, however, Apple phone users have had a little problem. If they want to get subscriptions, they must first buy special tokens and then exchange them for subscriptions. However, they do not renew automatically, as is the case with Android or computers. Now that has changed.

Changes on Twitch

The community has just been informed about an interesting change to the iOS platform app. Those willing to extend their subscription will not be forced to remember and renew it manually.

When we launched iOS Sub Tokens in 2019, we wanted iOS viewers to feel the joy of subscribing to their favorite creators on Twitch. Subs unlock benefits like ad-free viewing (when enabled), subscriber-only chat, custom emotes, and more — all the little things that enhance and personalize your Twitch experience. But we learned from the community that non-renewing Sub Tokens on iOS can prevent them from consistently enjoying subscriber benefits and supporting their favorite creators. So, we made a change. 

Starting today, viewers on iOS can purchase recurring subscriptions by updating their Twitch app to the most recent version. Once the Twitch app is updated and any remaining Sub Tokens are redeemed, viewers can subscribe with as little as three taps. Subscribe. Confirm. Approve purchase. 

Now, no iOS user will lose access to subscriber benefits or miss a sub streak for as long as they want to actively subscribe to a channel. We also made it easier to purchase community and single gift subscriptions to help sprinkle around the sub love.

Recurring Rollout & Retiring Tokens

To ensure a seamless transition from iOS Sub Tokens to recurring subs, we’re giving everyone some time to acclimate. Here’s what that timeline looks like:

First, update your Twitch iOS app to the latest version. This ensures you have access to recurring subs right away. Still have tokens? Don’t worry, you can still use ‘em. Or you can start utilizing recurring subs right away once all tokens in your balance are redeemed.

The next important date to know is December 1. Once this day rolls around, you will no longer be able to purchase new Sub Tokens. You will still be able to use any remaining tokens you already have — they do make lovely gifts.

Finally, on January 10, the iOS app will no longer support the purchase or use of Sub Tokens. This means any subs purchased in the Twitch iOS app will be of the monthly recurring sort. If you still have Sub Tokens remaining at this point, don’t worry! They will be refunded by Apple.

Milestones Phase 1

November 11, 2021

Phase 2

December 1, 2021

Phase 3

January 10, 2022

Recurring Subs
App Version 11.9 (and later)
Can purchase after app update Can purchase Can purchase
iOS Sub Tokens
App Version 11.9 (and later)
Can purchase and redeem Tokens Cannot purchase. Can redeem Tokens in balance Cannot purchase. Cannot redeem. 
iOS Sub Tokens refunded
App Version All versions
NA NA Unused Tokens in balance refunded by Apple after this date 

Let’s Hear It for the Tokens

iOS Sub Tokens provided the community of iOS users the ability to support their favorite creators and enjoy subscriber benefits directly from their iPhones and iPads. While we are replacing this method of support, Sub Tokens will continue to unlock meaningful support and joy in your favorite channels for a period of time. So if you have unused Tokens in your balance, consider hitting that redeem button to let creators know you still got their back before January 10, 2022, after which Apple will refund any unused Tokens. And don’t forget to update to the new app version to enjoy the new recurring subs experience. 

Last but Not Least

We’re adjusting the price of subscriptions on iOS in some regions as part of agreements with our mobile app store partners. In South Africa and some European countries viewers will see a slight price increase while viewers in some Asia Pacific and Latin American countries will see a small price decrease. These new prices take effect when the Twitch app is updated to iOS 11.9 or later.