Twitch streamer known for drawing 18+ anime arrested for “crime with a lethal weapon”

One of the Twitch streamers was arrested for an assault with a lethal weapon.

He is one of the most popular streamers, followed by over 700,000 people even on Twitter. Shadman is known primarily for his talent for drawing, which he uses in quite a controversial way.

His main occupation is drawing either 18+ content or at least disturbing scenes. It is difficult to give an example here because the whole thing would have to be censored. These graphics show anime characters in 18+ poses, possibly during intercourse.

Arrest for assault

It is not really known what happened or why. Information about the arrest appeared suddenly and without much context. Little is known about the personal life of the streamer.

People among all the acts that the streamer posted on his Twitter search for something that could herald a crime. The only thing that caught the eye of people was this entry:

It is not known if this has anything to do with the whole situation or it is just one of the many photos on Shadman’s profile. He is definitely one of the more controversial creators, but not because of the way he is, but what he drew.

Often these were characters evidently under the age of 18, all of which is still on his Twitter profile.