Twitch streamer that used the name “SquidGame” lost her job. Earlier her Instagram was removed

What are the consequences of using a nickname that is the same as the name of a popular series?

Lydia is a Twitch streamer who has long used the name “SquidGame” on TTV as well as on social media. The problem arose when the series of the same name was released. The Instagram influencer has been banned.

It was predictable, but now it turns out that the streamer is also losing her sponsors. Everything happens only because of a nickname.

SquidGame is the reason for losing cooperation

The Instagram profile has been restored. The reason for closing the account was a large number of reports. The streamer, however, was the first. Similarly with Twitch, her account is also called “SquidGame” there.

Now it turns out that this name is a curse. The streamer informed that after several weeks of fighting to keep using something she invented, she will still have to change her nicknames. All because companies do not want to cooperate with her.

As we read on Twitter, she lost two opportunities for cooperation only because of the name. So the case begins to affect her life in a very strong way. The situation is very interesting, there was probably no such thing before.