Great act of kindness from a former player and current CSGO analyst who visited a fan at the hospital

It is these acts that show that games can be something more.

Jacob “Pimp” Winneche is a former professional player of teams such as Team Dignitas, SK Gaming, and Team Liquid. Currently, he is known primarily as an analyst who is willingly employed by the largest organizers of CS: GO tournaments in the world.

In all this, Jacob does not forget about CS: GO fans who do not have it easy. Oscar, who is a few years old, is struggling with cancer and in order to make his time a bit more pleasant, the analyst sometimes visits him in the hospital.

Great initiative

This time Oscar got a Team Liquid T-shirt with Pimp’s signature. However, it is very possible that the action will develop even more.

Many PROs, but also Team Liquid themselves, responded to this post, saying that they are also fans of the few-year-old now. Chances are Oscar will get something else from the organization.

You can see that these seemingly small gestures are the ones that are appreciated the most in the CS: GO community.