Unexpected censorship in CSGO. Twitch chat bans “16-0” for spoiling

Players more and more often point out the incomprehensible censorship that takes place in the official PGL games chats.

Censorship on official broadcasts of professional games is nothing new. Organizers often block things that may be offensive in some way or that the community uses excessively.

For several days now, there has been the conversation of moderating the official PGL chat, which blocks a few strange phrases, theoretically completely harmless, including “16-0”.

Surprising censorship in chat

It turns out that typing “16-0” in the chat of the official broadcast from PGL Major Stockholm 2021 results in a mute.

The players do not really understand it, but they have to accept the organizers’ approach. It’s hard to say if Valve had any influence on it, but the reason for the ban is “spoiling the results”.

However, it is hard to explain when the match is still going on. Of course, this is nothing that would somehow greatly affect the experience of watching the Major, but it is definitely another part of the community’s complaints about the organization of the entire event.