The astonishing mouse grip of one of the professional CSGO gamers that kQamera captured

Each player has their favorite mouse grip. This one, however, is very unconventional.

There are a lot of ways to hold the mouse. The same is true of keyboards, their arrangement can be very different depending on the preferences of the players. Most of these grips and keyboard settings are repetitive in some way.

One of the Heroic players has a grip so unique that players immediately noticed it. During one of the matches, the camera hovered over the hand of a player known as “TeSeS”, showing how he was holding the mouse.

Spider type grip

The grip is so unusual that even commentators have noticed it. It is also worth mentioning “tapes”, a popular way of gamers or people working with computers for sore hands.

“That is a wild grip, look at that.” – says the commentator.


It could have something to do with the player’s previous injuries – he must have had to adjust his way of playing in some way. Or maybe it’s just so comfortable for him. Certainly, his grip has changed over the years, as until some time ago it was “normal”.