Are you complaining about CSGO? You can pay over $ 7,500 for not seeing the HUD

Of course, this does not apply to most players, while some actually play CS: GO on MacBooks. It is currently very difficult.

If you do not know Apple hardware at all, a new MacBook Pro has recently appeared with a notch, i.e. a notch in the upper part of the screen. Something like most phones have. The problem is that most applications or even iOS itself do not support it.

As a result, when playing, for example, CS: GO, the indentation fits into the interface in a quite fun way. At first glance, one might even conclude that it should be like this.

CS: GO and notch on MacBooks

Everything would be correct, except that the notch covers part of the HUD. However, if someone does not know what should be underneath, he could theoretically come to the conclusion that it should be like this.

Let us also remind you that the prices of new MacBooks start from about $ 2,500 for the 14-inch version, which already has a note and can reach up to $ 7,500 for the costly version.

Of course, notch hides the counter, other players and it fits CS: GO in no way. However, this is the reality of everyone who wants to play Valve’s production on new MacBooks.

It is not known whether the developers will do anything about it and whether they are aware of the problem and its scale at all. It is possible that it will stay that way. Everyone is well aware of how fast CS: GO devs are patching their game when it comes to these types of problems.