Here’s the new Twitch look. Chat on the player, completely different looking streams and more

Twitch introduces new “functionality” to help discover new streams.

Twitch has already started testing the revised “Browse” tab. It will be completely changed and if you have been used to what is now, you may experience a slight shock. The biggest change is probably in the chat.

Viewers’ conversations will be transferred immediately to the player, i.e. the preview. It looks quite weird, but if according to Twitch it will be a positive change, it’s time to get used to it.

New “Browse” page on Twitch

You can see that Twitch wanted the transition to the next channels to be natural. Below, under the stream you are viewing, there are others, a chat on the right on the player, on the left, volume management, or the ability to join a stream.

When will it be launched for everyone? It is not known yet. Twitch treats this as an experiment that is to appear for more and more users.

Rather, it will “pass” as it is, with no major changes. Most people go straight to a specific streamer anyway, so it will be useful for few.