Andrew Tate will answer in court on very serious charges. The case is back

The Tate brothers – Andrew and Tristan – will stand trial, answering serious charges.

Arrested on December 29 as part of an investigation, the brothers were arrested and spent several months in prison before being released but were confined to their homes under house arrest in Romania.

Andrew, Tristan, and the two female suspects are still under house arrest and are being tried on charges of human trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal gang. The brothers have denied all charges, and during the broadcast, Tristan acknowledged that the charge of forming a criminal gang is based on taking money from the TikTok accounts of the women in question.

What else is known about the court case?

During the broadcast, Tristan blatantly said what exactly the brothers had planned already in 2021.

In 2021, two years ago, my brother and I formed an organized criminal gang with the intent of moving women to Romania so we could steal money from their TikTok accounts to enrich ourselves.

However, prosecutors allege that the Tate brothers recruited victims by falsely promising marriage or a relationship, and then exploited them for financial gain. The indictment filed in a Bucharest court lists seven alleged victims recruited by the brothers in this way.

The start date of the trial has not yet been confirmed. Before that, the judge must review the case file and has 60 days to do so. The BBC reports that the trial is expected to last several years. It is unclear at this point whether the brothers and the two accused women will be forced to remain under house arrest until the case is resolved.