After 16 years, CEO leaves Twitch. People in fear as new person stirs controversy

The CEO of Twitch, who was founding is stepping down from his position after 16 years.

This is a very interesting piece of information for everyone who more or less follows Twitch’s development. The current CEO is leaving the platform. The reason is his desire to devote enough time to his son, who was recently born.

Emmett is expected to continue in an advisory role at Twitch, but someone else is taking the helm. Someone who made himself known as a typical “corpo” right from the start. It was thanks to him, among others, that streamers’ split was changed from 70/30 to 50/50.

Twitch’s new CEO stirs controversy

The new CEO is not being received with much enthusiasm, as he is said to be strongly concerned with Twitch’s sales performance. Time will tell what changes will take place on the platform, while it is unlikely to expect some amazing changes, at least not in the near future.

Reportedly, streamers’ needs are different from what Twitch is aiming for, and it’s hard to disagree. TTV makes many strange, incomprehensible decisions, often simply for show. xQc’s reaction to the news of the changes:


However, it is too early to judge whether this will be a good or bad change for Twitch. It is always a breath of fresh air.