You try to put the guy to sleep in Cyberpunk 2077, and he gets up and goes to lie down on the couch himself

Cyberpunk, just Cyberpunk. It is even difficult to find any logic or sense here.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a very interesting production with a lot of interesting things happening. Just as with GTA you can create a lot of videos on Youtube about curiosities and easter eggs, you can record materials about Cyberpunk about strange errors or situations based on bugs.

However, this is nothing amazing. Cyberpunk is known to suffer from a lot of problems, but even with LoL, the most popular MOBA game, bug compilations are made every day.

Cyberpunk can still surprise

In Cyberpunk, you can get rid of enemies in many different ways. Some shoot their guns like crazy, others get things done quietly. However, not all NPCs are willing to cooperate. One of the Reddit users shared a video in which he put the character to sleep, and he seemed to agree to it, but “on his own terms”.

The NPC just walked a bit, came to the couch, and lay down there politely. It’s a pity you can’t see the face of the player who originally saw it.


It is difficult to say why this happened, but it can be assumed that it is the result of one of many strange, surprising bugs. It is not known, however, what caused this – just as always.