What does the radio station you listen to while playing Cyberpunk 2077 say about you?

The sound setting of Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely one of its strongest sides.

Music plays an incredibly important role in the whole Cyberpunk 2077. Often it settles the right mood either for a quiet drive around the city or for quickly reaching a specific place.

The players laugh that each station represents different characteristics of the person who listens to it. Of course, this has a very loose application, but funnily enough, it works in many cases.

What does the radio station say about you?

Each radio station has a different meaning but it should be taken with a grain of salt, probably more as something to have fun.

The station with the best ratings is Morro Rock, then Ritual FM, and Night FM. Radio Pebkac, Pacific Dreams, and Principales were rated the worst by the community.