V from Cyberpunk 2077 received a Santa hat, which shows the potential perfectly

Single-player games can also have temporary events, which is perfectly shown by this Santa’s hat.

It is known that various types of events in games are the domain of online productions based on the multiplayer mode. This is where temporary activities strictly related to a certain period are added, in summer we get typical beach cosmetic items, in winter – Santa motifs.

Players want to change the perception of games like Cyberpunk 2077 by introducing such additions on their own. One of them is the Santa Claus hat that V gets.

V in a Santa’s hat

Introducing something like this is not difficult, it is only a cosmetic item, but it gives a lot. Currently, it functions as an additional modification that was installed by several thousand people. Instead of those weird jacket-adding DLCs, a temporary Santa hat could be introduced.

Players would be able to put it on, or, of course, don’t care about it completely. Cyberpunk in this case could follow the footsteps of various games like LoL or Fortnite and provide the hat only for a certain period. Later, it could only be picked up in a year.

Who needs it? This is not something that changes Cyberpunk a lot, but it is a nice, atmospheric addition that could show that the game, despite the lack of updates, is still alive and someone is still working on it.

How to download it? From the “nexusmods” page, just type “santa” and search for the mod you want.